August 6, 2009

Traveling aboard the Luxury yatch is a total experience in expeditionary cruising. These ships are most expensive since they have the most lavish accommodation, the highest quality food and the most in demand (level II or III) naturalist guide. They also are bigger and more stable, and their itineraries usually are better since they visit  more outlying island.

galapagos explorerM/V Galapagos Explorer II   has 50 ultra elegants suits, it is one of the most elegants, fastest  and most modern luxurius tourist vessels in Galapagos.  Their itineraries include Espanola, Genovese, Bartolome, Santiago, Isabella and Fernandina.



galapagos legendM/V Galapagos Legend  is a 90 passengers expedition ship; offers the most extensive itineraries and provides luxury unforgettable Galapagos experience. It visits an impressive list of islands like Santa Cruz, Espanola, San Cristobal, Bartolome, Isabella, Fernandina, Santiago and Rabida.



santa cruzThe Santa Cruz  a 90 passenger cruise, is the one of the only vessels exclusively designed  for exploring the Galapagos Islands. The Santa Cruz has gained wordwide recognition for its excellent standars, In its itinerary visit Isabela, Fernandina, as well as central and southern islands.

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